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How SBAM Uses Energy Efficiency to Lift Up Michigan’s Small Businesses

The Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) is using the power of partnerships with utilities to help its members across the state put energy efficiency to work. Here’s how the organization does it. U.S. small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year on utility costs for the spaces they rent or own. However, there … Continued

5 Steps to Unlock Energy Upgrades in New Markets with Green Leasing

Since moving into Boulder Commons in late 2017, Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI’s) net-zero energy (NZE) multi-tenant Class A office in Boulder, Colorado (pictured above), RMI has been working to share lessons learned and increase adoption of advanced green and net-zero energy leases. While innovative efforts such as RMI’s have been raising the ceiling for green leases, … Continued

Small Business Energy Initiative Action Guide

This energy efficiency action guide contains helpful tools, resources, and best practices for chambers of commerce and small business organizations that want to help small businesses reap the immense benefits of higher-performing buildings.

Transforming the Market Through Energy Management Information Systems

To fully unlock building energy savings potential through energy management information systems (EMIS), commercial real estate professionals need better education on what the technology is and how to use it effectively. Today’s EMIS market is saturated with products, leaving potential adopters in a state of confusion about which product would work best for them. This … Continued

Increasing Tenant Engagement Through Plug Load Management

Plug and process loads (PPLs) consume about one-third of energy in commercial buildings. They can range from electronic devices and kitchen appliances to computers and other equipment that is commonly found in office buildings. These loads are often neglected by property owners seeking to lower utilities, while tenants have the most ability to control this … Continued

NEO Realty Group Green Lease Case Study

Proving a Small Business Can Be a Leader in Green Leasing Based in Northeastern Ohio, NEO Realty Group is a vertically-integrated real estate company that manages or owns properties in four counties in the Cleveland metropolitan area and is one of eleven companies to be named a 2015 Green Lease Leader—a designation created by IMT … Continued

Sustainable Operations for the Modern Office: Tenant Guide

Many of today’s businesses have realized the value of promoting sustainable operational practices. They know that exercising good environmental stewardship also makes long-term economic sense. In fact, an Accenture survey of 1,000 CEOs found that 93 percent see sustainability as important to the future success of their businesses. The top reasons to go green were … Continued

Sustainable Solutions for the Modern Office: Tenant Fit-Out & Leasing Guidelines

Moving a business to a new location provides a clean slate to explore sustainable design solutions that offer a host of benefits. For a business leader, it’s important to align a company’s economic, environmental, and social goals—an energy-efficient office space can help achieve this. As businesses think about moving to new space, it’s important to … Continued