Transforming business as usual in real estate can lead the path to an equitable, low-carbon future. IMT can help.

The business world is shifting and adapting constantly, and the business of real estate is no exception. IMT is dedicated to co-creating, testing, and sharing business practices that rethink how buildings are designed, constructed, managed, and valued to save billions of dollars annually, reduce harmful emissions, and improve community resilience, health, and economic opportunity. Together, IMT unites real estate decision makers, community representatives, government leaders, and energy efficiency service providers to create higher-performing, healthier, more resilient properties that not only help the people within them thrive, but also support the communities around them.

What Drives the Market Toward Better Buildings?

Blue outline of multiple urban buildings The business case is clear for building developers, operators, owners, and tenants. Magnifying glass looking at bar chart Investors require higher-performing properties.
Three blue outlined circles of three head outlines Tenants ask for more efficient, healthy, resilient spaces. Blue outline of a courthouse Policy raises the baseline expectations of how buildings should perform.

How IMT Changes Business Practices

We help building operators, owners, managers, and tenants take action to improve their buildings to meet internal goals and external requirements. This includes an array of step-by-step guides and associated tools and case studies that can be quickly deployed for change.

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IMT helps businesses engage with local jurisdictions to help all parties understand the challenges and needs of the local community, to make policies and programs stronger, and find win-win solutions.  


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IMT provides insight on public policy that affects real estate decisions, from understanding how building-specific laws and codes will influence or require change in building ownership and management, to increasing real estate and community stakeholder engagement in policy design and advocacy processes. 


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IMT partners with market leaders to pilot innovative technologies and solutions that bridge the gap between today’s buildings and a future where all buildings are high-performing. 


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Our Vision for the Future of Real Estate 

What would it look like for all buildings in the United States to be affordable, low-emission, healthy, and resilient—and what can business do to lead the way? IMT’s Framework for the Transformation of Real Estate explores how business leaders—real estate owners, operators, tenants, and investors—can lead the creation of an economically robust, most socially just, and sustainable future via action on 10 principles.


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Learn more about how to prepare yourself and your clients for building performance policies, avoid non compliance fees and risk from policy exposure, save time on self-education, and stay competitive in your offerings with resources from IMT’s Corporate Engagement Opportunities program.


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