To fully unlock building energy savings potential through energy management information systems (EMIS), commercial real estate professionals need better education on what the technology is and how to use it effectively. Today’s EMIS market is saturated with products, leaving potential adopters in a state of confusion about which product would work best for them. This confusion oftentimes leads to disinterest, thus impeding uptake. IMT’s report, Transforming the Market Through Energy Management Information Systems analyzes these and other key barriers, while presenting current national trends and solutions for how commercial real estate professionals, EMIS vendors, utilities, and local government actors can spread the usage of EMIS and with it create lasting change in energy management.

It is the hope that audiences will take the lessons presented here to create innovative solutions to reach all commercial real estate markets.

  • Building owners and tenants should refer to the Selecting an EMIS section of this report when selecting an appropriate EMIS solution
  • Service providers should refer to the EMIS Trends and Market Survey sections to see conclusions derived from a market survey that identifies new ways to address the commercial real estate market’s needs and provides solutions to reach all target markets
  • Implementers of utilities’ energy efficiency programs, local governments, and service providers should review the Increasing Market Uptake section to find strategies to encourage uptake of EMIS technologies in their respective markets and jurisdictions
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