IMT’s resources provide clear guidance and insights into the most vital building performance issues facing local governments and businesses across North America. Whether you are a building owner or tenant taking first steps to control energy use, or a Mayor or city sustainability director looking to take the next leap in harnessing the benefits of energy efficiency, IMT has technical and policy resources that can help you drive deeper investment in higher performance and greater savings in buildings. Browse our reports, guides, case studies, infographics, and more below or create a custom search to find the resources that best meet your needs.


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Transforming Climate Governance With Community Accountability Boards

This toolkit explores the concept of a community accountability board (CAB) including its framework, core principles as a model for community empowerment, and its challenges.

Equitable Funding Mechanisms for Climate Action in Minneapolis

This paper recommends sustainable approaches to generate funding for equitable climate action and just transition efforts in Minneapolis.

How Cities Can Mitigate the Impacts of the Gas System and Accelerate the Shift to Clean Energy

This white paper aims to deepen city leaders’ understanding of the interaction between gas distribution systems and local climate objectives.

Equitable Decarbonization Learning Series: Part 2

This decarbonization learning series explains the relationship between buildings and emissions, how they can emit less carbon, and how policies can create better buildings.

Code Adoption Toolkit: Part 2

This resource explains how to play a role in advocating for adoption of the strongest, most efficient energy codes.

What defines a building performance standard (BPS)?

Learn how BPS complements traditional building energy code approaches, but works quite differently. 

Analysis of Equipment Trade-offs in Residential Energy Codes

This report examines the homeowner energy cost impacts of reinstating equipment trade-offs, as proposed by the National Association of Homebuilders for the 2015 IECC.

Energy Efficiency and Housing Affordability White Paper

This white paper addresses two issues that opponents to improved energy codes typically raise.