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How Cities and Utilities Can Form Partnership Agreements to Accelerate Climate Action

Partnerships are powerful. From multinational climate change efforts down to neighborhood recycling and composting initiatives, combining skills and capacity makes any undertaking more manageable. For cities looking to take meaningful climate action, partnering with their utilities is a smart strategy. Take the city of Denver, Colorado for example. Denver recently entered into a formal partnership with … Continued

Cleveland Becomes the First City to Earn Green Lease Leaders Recognition

This year, Cleveland continued to build strong climate action momentum by becoming the first city to earn the Green Lease Leader designation. The city’s Chief of Sustainability Matt Gray recognized that green leases are an essential tool to include in Cleveland’s city-wide climate action plans and meet its ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals.  “Cleveland … Continued

Catalyzing Market Transformation: Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller, IMT Specialist for Public-Private Strategy and Engagement, shares why cross-sector collaboration is key to achieving national and local climate and building energy reduction goals. What do you value most about building energy efficiency and high-performance buildings? I first got into this field out of an interest in architectural history. I love cities and … Continued

Setting Your City Up for Success at the Public Utilities Commission

This post is the third in a three-part series that helps local governments understand why working with utility regulators matters, what they can achieve, and how to set themselves up for success. Read part one here and part two here. In my last post, I talked about Montgomery County, Maryland, which engages at Maryland Public … Continued

Putting Data to Work: Increasing Customer Engagement with Data

District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility  Under its 2012 Sustainable DC plan, the District of Columbia established targets that include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50 percent by 2032 and by at least 80 percent by 2050, including a citywide energy-use reduction target of 50 percent by 2032. In December of 2017, Mayor Muriel … Continued

Putting Data to Work: Successful Partnerships to Accelerate Efficiency

NYC Retrofit Accelerator Cities adopting and implementing building performance benchmarking policies that require building owners to track and report their buildings’ energy and/or water use on a regular basis are collecting a trove of data that can be used to accelerate investments in energy upgrades in buildings. For energy efficiency program implementers, this data can … Continued

Transforming the Market Through Energy Management Information Systems

To fully unlock building energy savings potential through energy management information systems (EMIS), commercial real estate professionals need better education on what the technology is and how to use it effectively. Today’s EMIS market is saturated with products, leaving potential adopters in a state of confusion about which product would work best for them. This … Continued