Local governments are actively leading on climate and energy effort across the United States. As both governments and their electric utilities set increasingly ambitious goals, partnership agreements provide a promising pathway to accelerate action and meet both parties’ commitments. Formal city-utility partnership agreements provide a framework to align and enable broad, long-lasting sustainability efforts that are productive and collaborative. By developing formalized agreements, cities and utilities benefit from strengthened relationships, improved communication, and increased planning and resource efficiencies.

Utilizing City-Utility Partnership Agreements to Achieve Climate and Energy Goals, a report produced by the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and the World Resources Institute (WRI), identifies common elements of partnership agreements for cities and utilities, as well as tips and considerations for executing them.

The report helps both parties evaluate the opportunity to use agreements to meet their climate and energy goals, offering insights and lessons learned from the experiences of several U.S. cities and investor-owned electric utilities in developing innovative agreements.

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