Geis Properties: Leaders in Sustainable Construction and Green Leasing

The Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters building in Cleveland, Ohio demonstrates that properties with multiple stakeholders can be built and operated sustainably. The building itself is owned by the Port of Cleveland, is managed by Geis Properties, and was built by Geis Construction. Additionally, the building was designed by a group of architects and designers, including GLSD Architects (among others), which is a division of Geis Companies.

The sustainability measures added to the building’s lease changed the way these cross-disciplinary teams designed and constructed the building, allowing for a water-efficient design which reduces water use 42 percent compared to code. In the beginning, the goal for Cuayahoga County’s Headquarters was to become LEED Silver Certified. However, after the completion of the build-out of the structure, Geis and Cuyahoga County were able to achieve LEED Gold Certification, beating their own expectations.

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