June 5, 2019 | Chris Potter

Small businesses spend more than $60 billion a year to power, heat, and cool their buildings. By tackling energy efficiency, every small business landlord and tenant stands to maximize operations while improving the bottom line and creating healthier, more comfortable spaces for employees and customers. However, lack of time, expertise, and access to capital make it difficult for business owners to take action on efficiency. Through the Small Business Energy Initiative, IMT collaborates with trusted local chambers of commerce and leading business organizations around the country to break down barriers and make it easier for small businesses to reap the benefits of energy efficiency and high-performing buildings.

Watch the video to learn why every local chamber of commerce and small business organization gets involved in energy efficiency.

Last month during National Small Business Week, IMT met with some of the Small Business Energy Changemakers from states such as Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota who are creating an energy-efficient and prosperous future for their communities. Smart strategies IMT is helping these organizations deploy locally include: leveraging existing utility and government energy-saving programs for small businesses; creating networks of efficiency experts and vetted contractors to conduct energy audits, educate members, and get projects off the ground; and bundling solutions to overcome barriers such as green leasing and alternative financing tools.

Meet some of the Small Business Energy Changemakers and watch our video shorts to learn why they think every chamber and small business organization should get involved in energy efficiency. Want to learn more? Visit imt.org/sbei and download our free Small Business Energy Initiative Action Guide.

What’s one action small businesses can take on energy efficiency?

Why does energy efficiency matter to small businesses? 

What steps should chambers take to launch a successful energy efficiency program?

What does energy efficiency success look like for small businesses?

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