Kelly is the former Senior Manager of Utility Engagement at IMT.

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Local Government Engagement with Public Utility Commissions Mini Guide

Growing numbers of local governments, such as cities and counties, have identified benefits from working with public utility commissions (PUCs or commissions) to further their goals around clean energy, resilience, and affordability. For local government staff, elected officials, and the communities they serve, this document identifies the opportunities and benefits of working with commissions on … Continued

Creating Alignment between Cities and Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

Cities are increasingly acting as market catalysts to encourage and require building owners to improve energy performance. However, cities implementing building performance policies that require actions like audits or re-tuning may experience conflicts with their regulated utilities’ efficiency programs, which depend on energy savings being additional—not attributable to market adoption or preexisting laws. These utility … Continued

Use Case: Distribution Grid Performance

This use case focuses on distribution grid performance, which helps local governments identify opportunities to improve local reliability and resilience, to improve emergency planning and response, and to encourage targeted investments in distributed energy resources (DERs) for health, safety, and cost reasons.

Use Case: Community-Wide Energy Usage Data

This use case focuses on community-wide energy usage data, which helps local governments calculate carbon emissions, set policy goals, track program progress over time, and identify opportunities for more targeted outreach around priorities like building efficiency.

Use Case: Anonomyzed Energy Usage Profile Data

This use case focuses on anonomyzed energy usage profile data, which helps local governments understand energy usage trends within the community that may inform the development of energy policies and programs.

Use Case: Whole-Building Energy Data

This use case focuses on whole-building energy data, which helps building owners understand and improve building energy performance.

Use Case: Energy Efficiency Program Savings and Participation

This use case focuses on energy efficiency program savings and participation data, which helps local governments understand trends in energy efficiency program uptake, identify under-represented neighborhoods that could benefit from efficiency, and assess trends in costs related to the implementation of particular measures, which may make them more or less likely to be acted upon by building owners.