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Putting Data to Work: Using Data from Action-Oriented Energy Efficiency Programs and Policies

Audit, Retrocommissioning, and Building Performance Standard Implementation Considerations for Policymakers This resource was developed as part of Putting Data to Work, a multi-year pilot project that analyzed ways to use building performance data generated by city policies to improve energy efficiency program design and delivery in the District of Columbia and New York City. Putting … Continued

Piloting the Use of Energy Policy Data to Drive Market Action

Data is only useful when put to use. Across the U.S., an ever-growing number of state and local jurisdictions are implementing building performance reporting laws regarding building energy and water use in the commercial and multifamily sectors. This wealth of performance information is not yet being deployed to its full potential to drive smarter business decisions … Continued

What You Should Know: Fort Collins’ New Benchmarking Ordinance

After more than a year of private sector and community engagement, Fort Collins, Colo., became the 25th U.S. city to pass a benchmarking and transparency policy for privately owned buildings on December 4. This is a key step in accomplishing Fort Collins’ ambitious climate goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, and follows the City’s … Continued

How to Increase Customer Outreach and Engagement with Benchmarking Data

This blog is the fourth in an on-going series exploring the findings of IMT’s Putting Data to Work project, a three-year effort to explore how cities and their efficiency partners can better deploy building performance data to drive action on energy efficiency in buildings in their jurisdictions. For more information, visit In this blog, … Continued

Putting Data to Work: How Cities are Using Building Energy Data to Drive Efficiency

Across the U.S., cities are implementing building performance reporting laws regarding building energy and water use in commercial and multifamily buildings. These programs generate large quantities of useful data on the energy consumption of a region’s buildings. However, the data is only valuable if it drives smarter business decisions and savings. Cities are leading the … Continued

Transforming the Market Through Energy Management Information Systems

To fully unlock building energy savings potential through energy management information systems (EMIS), commercial real estate professionals need better education on what the technology is and how to use it effectively. Today’s EMIS market is saturated with products, leaving potential adopters in a state of confusion about which product would work best for them. This … Continued