Johanna Goetzel is IMT’s Director of Corporate Giving and leads the corporate and individual giving program, bringing over a decade of leadership in sustainability work and connections.

She holds a master’s from Columbia University in Climate Science where she sits on the board of the Graduate School of Arts and Science and has worked for esteemed organizations such as CEBA, The Climate Group, and international consulting firms. She is passionate about helping businesses build more resilient climate solutions. Johanna also contributed a book, Environmental Debt: The Hidden Cost of a Changing Economy, which outlines a new framework for responsible business practices, connecting the ROI of business with sustainability. Johanna leads a network for Women Investing in a Sustainable Economy (WISE) working with financial advisors, portfolio managers, and local government leaders to develop robust strategies for climate finance. She previously led the London Chapter of WISE and now co-leads the Philadelphia chapter where she resides.

Johanna Goetzel

Director, Corporate Giving

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