Portland Energy Conservation Incorporated (PECI) in conjunction with the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) performed a retrocommissioning evaluation on the 45,372 SF Facility B long-term care facility in Stockton, California. The retrocommissioning process has involved a coordinated effort between PECI and the building operating staff. Documents were provided for review, interviews and field investigations were conducted, and building systems were monitored and analyzed. This report presents the results of these efforts.

Retrocommissioning, or existing building commissioning, is an event in the life of a building that applies a systematic investigation process for improving and optimizing a building’s operation and maintenance. It is typically an independent process that focuses on the building’s energy using equipment such as the HVAC and other mechanical equipment, lighting equipment, and related controls. It may or may not emphasize bringing the building back to its original intended design specifications. In fact, via the process, the retrocommissioning team may find that the original specifications no longer apply. The process may result in recommendations for capital improvements, but its primary focus is to optimize the building systems via tune-up activities, improved operation and maintenance (O&M), and diagnostic testing.

First published in 2001.

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