Retrocommissioning improves the way that building equipment and systems operate. Below are some resources explaining the benefits of retrocommissioning and getting started.

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Retrofit Chicago Celebrates Energy Efficiency All-Stars of 2019

Retrofit Chicago participants pushed the envelope on energy efficiency and climate action in 2019, with two building teams achieving an impressive 35% energy reduction in their properties. Across all 99 member properties, building teams now average a 19% energy reduction, equal to annual savings of over $19 million a year. As Chicago continues its steady … Continued

City Energy Project: Leading the Way

This guide outlines all the key strategies for implementing a robust municipal energy efficiency plan and offers concise recommendations and insights to improve public buildings in your jurisdictions. 

High-Performance Buildings and Property Value

High-performance commercial buildings (often described as "green") are becoming increasingly common in the marketplace. Recognizing this market growth, this guide aims to help lenders understand the valuation of high-performance buildings. As a companion piece to the 2013 primer Green Building and Property Value, this report examines the relationship between lenders and appraisers and how green features … Continued

Smart Investments in Energy Efficiency

A Look At The Portrait Building in Washington, D.C. How can energy upgrades enable forward-thinking building managers to provide considerable value to both owners and tenants? This case study examines recent energy improvements to The Portrait Building in downtown Washington, D.C. as a real-world example of the potential gains. Three efficiency measures, completed for a … Continued

Valuing Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Housing: CheckMate Realty and Development

Valuing Energy Efficiency, a new package of case studies from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT), examines the financial outlay and impact of energy efficient retrofits on a range of building types across the U.S., to show that building owners don’t need a billion dollar budget nor a large floorplate to reap all the benefits … Continued

Valuing Energy Efficiency: Beyond the Empire State Building

Nearly five years ago the large-scale energy efficiency renovation of the Empire State Building in New York City captured the imagination of both energy efficiency advocates and the building industry.  The project, which was part of a $550 million entire-building remodel, was projected to save 38 percent of the iconic building’s energy and $4.4 million … Continued