Update, 7/2012: See a comprehensive list of training and certification programs for energy engineers, auditors, and managers; in commissioning and retro-commissioning; and for facility managers. See also a list of HVAC technician training and certification programs.

IMT conducted a review of professional certification programs in the building industry.  There is growing demand from local, state, and national jurisdictions to streamline building professional credentialing programs in order to more easily integrate them as requirements.  The goal of the research was to identify which existing credentialing programs can be used as part of requirements under new energy-efficiency legislation and other related programs.

Based on market research, IMT had identified that the most significant benefit of requiring building professionals to hold a credential in their field is to ensure the quality of their work.  Therefore, IMT also assessed the quality of existing certifications and related training programs.  The assessment included examination of program curriculum, cost, delivery methods, testing rigor, quality assurance mechanisms, competencies indentified in the knowledge base, and continuing education requirements.

IMT’s review included 15 credentialing programs provided by eight different agencies.  IMT received varying levels of input and support from these agencies in conducting the research.  The review focused on existing energy auditor, commissioning, retro-commissioning, and energy modeler programs that provide professional certification to participants.  IMT initiated and participated in meetings, calls and discussions with providers of these credentialing programs.


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