August 2, 2012 | IMT

On Aug. 1, one of the first LEED Automation tools was made available to LEED project teams. The COMNET Energy Modeling Portal is an online platform used to collect energy modeling simulation results, perform quality assurance checks, and submit the results to LEED Online for Energy & Atmosphere Prerequisite 2 and Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1.

Users of the portal can save substantial time and reduce errors in LEED submittals. Until now, energy modelers have had to sift through pages of output reports, locate the appropriate data, convert units, and then manually type this information into the LEED Online Templates.

Now LEED Online users can upload modeling results directly from their simulation software to the portal, which can be used for New Construction, Core & Shell, and Schools projects. The portal filters the results automatically, performs basic quality assurance checks, and sends the results directly to LEED Online. From the portal, users can review the official LEED Online template to ensure that it has been filled out appropriately.

COMNET, a nonprofit initiative to improve and streamline energy modeling, is managed by the New Buildings Institute with support from IMT, the Architectural Energy Corporation, and RESNET.

Several committees also provide guidance and include members from the U.S. Green Building Council, U.S. Dept. of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, ASHRAE, and the California Energy Commission. For more information, visit



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