The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) works with and receives support from a diverse range of partners, including foundations, international institutions, governments, corporations, and individuals. Our purpose in all of these relationships is to fulfill our mission to catalyze demand for high-performing buildings. We only seek or accept financial support that would support this mission that aligns with our guiding principles.  We are proud of the support we receive and report regularly on the sources of our funding.

IMT is non-partisan and independent. IMT collaborates with and accepts funding from a variety of sources, including philanthropic gifts and grants via foundations, individuals, and corporations, and contracts with governments and companies where the contract enables us to make progress against an organizational goal. We are sensitive to concerns of undue influence in our funding. IMT accepts funding to support our mission and does not accept funding to represent the interests of any other entity in our research or advocacy, or to confer privileged information to a funder.

In order to identify and guard against the potential for conflict of interest, IMT staff:

  • Establish a revenue plan for each new project or program developed in alignment with our organizational goals.
  • Evaluate mission alignment and impact against our organizational goals for each new funding opportunity.
  • Maintain editorial control over all of our research, events, and publications.
  • Subject significant reports or policy analysis to peer review.
  • Work alongside a broad set of stakeholders to develop policy recommendations, and will not accept corporate funding that is restricted to specific recommendations or lobbying for governmental policy.