What would it look like for all buildings in the United States to be affordable, low-emission, healthy, and resilient?

IMT’s Framework for the Transformation of Real Estate explores how business leaders—real estate owners, operators, tenants, and investors—can lead the creation of an economically robust, most socially just, and sustainable future. Learn more by watching the video below, reading our press release, our executive director’s blog post, or a Q&A with our program director, Margaret Lo.

Ten Principles for the Transformation of Real Estate

The question is not whether the business of real estate will change, but how. Over the first half of 2021, IMT gathered a coalition of 20+ real estate leaders representing buildings and businesses of various sizes and geographies to explore how the real estate industry could lead collectively to a more just and sustainable future. Informed by these discussions and anchored by IMT’s 25+ years of experience in co-creating, testing, and deploying transformative solutions, we created the following 10 principles for transformative real estate leadership practices.

Support local communitiesEnsure all buildings are healthy and safe
Use supply chains as levers of changeManage, measure, and report impacts
Expand power within firmsInvest and finance creatively
Transition to a low-carbon economyPlan for the future with resilience in mind
Diversify business relationshipsAlign all actions with values

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