IMT’s staff have developed extensive networks with policymakers at local, state, and national levels. Below is a collection of resources on federal-level legislation that touches on IMT's building energy performance work.

The Latest

The SAVE Act Coalition Fact Sheet

The SAVE Act, introduced by Senators Isakson (R-Ga.) and Bennet (D-Co.) on June 6, 2013, is proposed legislation that would instruct federal loan agencies to assess a borrower’s expected energy costs when financing a house. Better information about a homeowner’s monthly expenses will, at no cost to taxpayers or the current deficit: Enable better mortgage … Continued

Designing A Mortgage Process for Energy Efficiency

As the U.S. housing stock ages and energy prices climb, more robust strategies and financing mechanisms are needed to drive energy efficiency renovations in existing homes, particularly among low- and middle-income households. To date, residential retrofit strategies have broadly targeted homeowners, with less emphasis placed on leveraging the home purchase process to trigger renovations early … Continued