Alexes Holguin Juarez is IMT’s Senior Associate of Community Engagement and joined IMT in March 2023. She helps identify and empower community organizations and voices in the planning and implementation of energy policies and programs, in the development and operation of real estate, and in the utility sector. Her work interacts with a diverse set of stakeholders, identifying new and creative policy solutions, and finding common ground for the successful design and implementation of policies and programs.

Prior to IMT, Alexes was an Environmental Manager for a tribal government. In this role, she ensured that tribally-owned natural resources were utilized sustainably and when possible restored to pre-polluted states. Her work has crossed multiple media types and created project collaborations across nonprofit, tribal, state, and federal agencies.

Alexes holds a B.S. in Evolution, Ecology and Biodiversity and a B.A. in Chicano Studies from the University of California, Davis.

Alexes Juarez

Senior Associate, Community Engagement

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