This document provides a high-level overview of the Institute for Market Transformation’s (IMT) model ordinance for a building performance standard (BPS). A full version of the model standard ordinance is available online, as well as a PDF of a summary presentation. In addition, this suite is part of a larger suite of BPS resources produced by IMT at

The ordinance outlined in this summary document benefits from lessons learned from the four jurisdictions (District of Columbia, New York City, St. Louis, and the state of Washington) that have adopted building performance standards as of January 2021. As a model, its purpose is to provide the structural foundation for a strong BPS ordinance in any jurisdiction. Its language is meant to be modified as necessary to reflect local circumstances and policy priorities. IMT encourages governments to work with community members, community-based organizations, building owners, and professionals with expertise in fields such as real estate, energy efficiency, and sustainability to co-design and tailor performance standards to the specific needs of their communities.

Finally, IMT’s model ordinance is conceived as a living document that will be updated based on the input of experts and feedback from governments, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders that use it in their policy development process.



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