For almost 20 years, IMT has sought out and promoted best practices to advance energy efficiency in buildings. We continue to work toward a future in which all buildings are highly efficient, and our progress toward this goal in 2014 is capture in IMT's 2014 Annual Report.

This annual report provides examples of market transformation in progress. Since IMT's founding:

  • IMT helped write the first energy benchmarking and transparency law. Today, 14 cities have laws covering more than 6.6 billion square feet of space and creating a wealth of information that has generated greater awareness and action to improve energy efficiency.
  • Our advocacy efforts have led to stronger building energy codes that give homebuilders flexibility to improve quality and efficiency at a reasonable cost.
  • We've released definitive reports on how cities can remove the upfront costs of energy efficiency improvements, as well as worked with appraisers, lenders, and others in the financial realm to improve the valuation of efficiency in buildings.
  • We've tapped into a multi-billion-dollar opportunity in green leasing deployment, providing go-to resources and guidance that align incentives for commercial building owners and tenants to make energy efficiency a part of their everyday operations.

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