Landlord and tenant companies representing commercial, industrial, and retail buildings can achieve billions of dollars in annual energy savings and unlock other win-win benefits with a green, high-performance lease. In 2018, IMT and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance profiled Gold-level Green Lease Leaders for their innovative efforts to drive efficiency, clean energy, health & wellness, and smart landlord-tenant engagement strategies in their properties.

Watch IMT’s webinar for advice on how to get started enhancing your lease, learn how to apply to become a Green Lease Leader in 2019, and hear success stories and insights from Green Lease Leaders Kilroy Realty Corporation and JBG SMITH.


  • Alexandra Harry, Former Program Manager, Private Sector Engagement, IMT
  • Cindy Zhu, Building Technologies Office Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Jessica Long, Director of Sustainability, JBG SMITH
  • Sara Neff, Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Kilroy Realty Corporation

Looking to become a Green Lease Leader in 2019? Visit to learn more and apply.

To download the Green Lease Leaders case studies featuring the webinar’s guest speakers as well as other innovative organizations, click on the links below.

Learn more about the application process on the Green Lease Leaders website.

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