Brandywine Realty Trust is one of the largest full-service integrated real estate companies in the nation, with properties across seven states and the District of Columbia. The company strives to be a leader in sustainability and energy efficiency, achieving an ENERGY STAR label at 83 buildings (15.1 million square feet) in 2012.

Brandywine utilizes two components in its lease to drive energy efficiency and data transparency in its managed portfolio. First, the company includes a clause in its standard leases that allows it to pass through the capital costs of efficiency improvements to tenants. Second, Brandywine includes a clause in new and renegotiated leases that requires tenants to either submit monthly utility data or allows the company to install submeters in tenant areas if Brandywine is not already receiving such data. These measures enable the company to track energy usage, implement cost-effective energy efficiency measures, meet energy-saving targets, and save tenants money.

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