In the District of Columbia, the Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) take into consideration existing buildings performance but leave new construction requirements in the scope of DC Energy Conservation Code (DC ECC). Since new construction buildings become existing buildings the moment they are occupied, it is critical to understand where the two policies overlap during design and construction to ensure compliance with both. To aid owners and designers in this endeavor, this resource:

  1. Addresses the central question of whether or not a DC ECC-complaint building will meet the thresholds for the first BEPS compliance cycle.
  2. Analyzes how DC’s most recently constructed projects are faring for the first BEPS compliance cycle.
  3. Dissects the DC ECC for areas that will most likely have the greatest impact in BEPS compliance.
  4. Describes opportunities to make decisions in new construction and major renovations for long-term BEPS compliance.
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