A city often issues a press release from the Mayor’s office or specific city department to announce publicly a new program or policy that will benefit the community, its businesses, and residents. The goal of a press release is to raise awareness of an issue (ideally in a positive light), communicate progress and leadership, and in the case of many policies and programs, drive increased engagement and garner recognition for industry leaders. Press releases are also vehicles that can generate support and statements from public officials, including the Mayor, or recognize supporting partners. This guide explains the value of press releases for a city’s communications strategy and provides details on how to write press releases and make the most out of them.

This resource is part of the City Energy Project Resource Library. Launched in 2019, the library is the culmination of 6+ years of work on the ground in 20 U.S. cities to reduce energy use in large buildings. The City Energy Project is a joint project of IMT and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). For more information, visit www.cityenergyproject.org.

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