IMT seeks to inspire a shift in the way communities and governments define building performance policy, broadening the term to recognize the interconnectedness of the complex issues we face in our communities. IMT also is committed to reshaping the process by which policy is created to include traditionally excluded voices. Our team is working to help jurisdictions work alongside community-based practitioners to undertake deep community engagement initiatives at the beginning of the policy design process and to address issues like health, equity, and resilience. By ensuring community needs and assets are integrated into the process from the beginning, jurisdictions can craft multifaceted BPS policy that addresses locally defined concerns and priorities. The solutions and tools included in the project’s policy briefs and modules are meant to provide a starting point for jurisdictions to engage with community members on building-related issues that are important to the community. IMT sees this work as a living document that will continue to evolve. Get an overview in the blog summary of this report by Jessica Miller.

This document is also part of a larger IMT suite of BPS resources, including the IMT Model BPS Ordinance and a forthcoming BPS Implementation guide. Additional social priority toolkits are in development. For the most up-to-date collection of resources, visit

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