March 30, 2011 | IMT

Washington, DC — March 30, 2011 – A national survey released today on consumer attitudes toward energy-efficient lighting has found that Americans are embracing new lighting technologies that save energy and reduce energy expenses.

The findings indicate a majority of Americans support the federal mandate requiring higher energy efficiency standards for lighting, according to EcoAlign, the energy and environment marketing agency that conducted the nationwide survey in February. The survey’s top findings indicated that most Americans have already installed energy-efficient lighting in their home: two-thirds of respondents had installed CFLs in their homes over the past year, and 27 percent had installed LEDs. The majority were satisfied with the more efficient products, rating them highly for performance and energy savings. In addition, two-thirds of Americans feel that is a good idea for federal law to require a 28 percent improvement in lighting efficiency.

Statement of Cliff Majersik, Executive Director of the Institute for Market Transformation:

“Throughout the last 30 years, efficiency standards have been shown to stimulate the demand that manufacturers need to justify investment in energy efficiency and provide consumers with new, better products which save energy and money. The upcoming lighting standards are already having a similar impact; they’ve helped create new more efficient options for consumers. More efficient lighting is already being embraced by consumers. Americans are buying more efficient lighting products because they make financial sense and are increasingly satisfied with their performance.”



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