August 8, 2023

Episode Description

The Institute for Market Transformation works to advance public policy to improve the impact that U.S. buildings have on the environment. IMT leverages the building market to create building blocks of a low-carbon future. The non-partisan nonprofit is an EPA Award Recipient.

Today we are joined by Giulianna di Lauro, IMT’s Associate Director of Community Engagement, and Alex Dews, IMT’s Managing Director of Programs.

Giulianna serves as a primary representative to community organizations and city staff ensuring that inclusive community engagement solutions are centered on equity and accessibility.

Alex leads the execution of IMT’s organizational strategy and sets the programmatic pathway for IMT to realize broad adoption of building regulations; new utility regulatory models that center investments in people and improve the health of citizens; and engagement with real estate/ other business operations to embody commitments to equity and the environment.

Giulianna di Lauro and Alex Dews share IMT’s mission and its role in addressing climate change issues within marginalized communities.

Giulianna emphasizes how historically governmental entities have neglected people of color and their communities, leaving minority groups disproportionately affected by climate change.

Alex and Guilianna identify roadblocks that hinder low carbon policy from becoming law; and how traditional policymaking often fails because it doesn’t listen to the needs of communities.

Then the discussion delves into the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on IMT’s work. Listeners are encouraged to engage in community-driven policymaking.

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