January 30, 2024 | Lotte Schlegel

IMT is in a period of growth and change as we start off 2024. As we prepare to launch our new strategic plan, we bid farewell to two of our board members and commend those who will lead us through our BuildUp2030 decade of action.

Our current board members

Sandra Henry is now IMT’s board chair, and we are adding a new role of Vice Chair, which is filled by Eric Walker. Both have been on the IMT board for several years and offer unique perspectives on the work required to equitably decarbonize our nation’s buildings. Our executive committee represents a broad array of IMT’s core stakeholders in real estate, government, and frontline communities. 

Board Chair: Sandra Henry
President, Slipstream
Areas of experience: utility, private, nonprofit

Vice Chair: Eric Walker
Energy Justice Senior Policy Manager, WE ACT for Environmental Justice
Areas of experience: state government, community engagement

Secretary: Akshai Rao
Senior Vice President, Yardi Systems
Areas of experience: commercial real estate data

Treasurer: Bomee Jung
Co-Founder and CEO, Cadence OneFive
Areas of experience: city government, startups, multifamily affordable housing 

Learn more about our other board members Carlton Brown, Julia Gisewite, David Goldstein, Tamara Jones, Maureen Waters on this page.

Gratitude for our outgoing board members 

These board leadership changes are exciting, but also sad as we bid farewell to Adam Hinge, our board chair for the past 3 years, and to Jonathan Arnold. Adam has guided IMT from the early stages of our transition from a focus on energy efficiency to a broader view of climate justice through better buildings. Jonathan Arnold has been a valuable resource by sharing his firm’s examples of how to make this possible.

“It has been a pleasure working with Adam and we thank him for all of his service to IMT and the board. Adam has left an amazing legacy with IMT and a strong foundation for the board to build on in the years ahead.”  – Sandra Henry, IMT Board Chair and President of Slipstream

We are deeply appreciative of the work Adam and Jonathan have done and wish them well. 

New board leadership to guide a new strategic plan

Vision statement: A world where buildings dramatically lower greenhouse gas emissions and support our physical, social, and economic well-being.

This board transition overlaps with the launch of our new strategic plan next month, and the board will play a critical role in guiding our implementation.

As we accelerate the BuildUp2030 work we began in 2020, we are advancing our mission to drive demand for high performance buildings. Our strategy is to bridge priorities and promote power sharing across community, government, and building industry stakeholders in order to scale solutions that put our buildings to work in service of an equitable, climate-resilient future. We do this by co-designing policy and making equitable decarbonization more accessible and actionable. We will continue to use our shared equity and continuous improvement principles to make IMT a model for organizational excellence. 

“I’m proud of IMT’s new strategic plan. It’s the culmination of some hard and deep work. These strategic priorities position the organization to accelerate – and continue to lead – equitable building decarbonization that is rooted in deep relationships with communities, design policy from the margins to benefit the whole, and aligning the priorities of various stakeholder groups to achieve a range of social and environmental outcomes.” – Eric Walker, IMT Board Vice Chair and Energy Justice Senior Policy Manager at WE ACT for Environmental Justice

These are ambitious goals, and that’s why I am so grateful to have board leaders with such a diversity of experiences and perspectives at the helm. If you’d like to learn more about the board, please visit www.imt.org/board, and sign up for our newsletter for updates about our new strategic plan. 

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