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Guide to External Financing for Energy Efficiency in Retail

Few investments are as overwhelmingly beneficial as energy projects: they reduce operating expenses, improve budget forecasting, build confidence among socially responsible investors, and strengthen brands. In addition to internal financing opportunities (documented in this companion Internal Financing Guide), there are many innovative external financing solutions and strategies to accomplish sustainability goals when internal capital proves too difficult … Continued

Guide to Internal Financing for Energy Efficiency in Retail

Retail energy projects provide several business benefits like reduced operating expenses, improved budget forecasting, and increased brand value. Moreover, few other retail projects can take advantage of such a broad array of incentives, rebates, and tax credits. In addition to external financing opportunities (documented in this companion External Financing Guide), there are many innovative internal … Continued

On-Bill Financing and On-Bill Repayment Primer

On-Bill Financing/Repayment On-bill financing (OBF) and repayment (OBR) are financing options whereby a utility or lender supplies capital to a utility customer to make energy efficiency improvements and is repaid through regular monthly loan payments on an existing utility bill. One of the benefits of these programs is the potential to serve a broad set … Continued

Managed Energy Service Agreements Primer

A Managed Energy Service Agreement (MESA) is a variation of an Energy Service Agreement (ESA). In an ESA, the provider develops, finances, owns, operates, and maintains all energy efficiency measures and equipment installed during the term of the project.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Primer

Property Assessed Clean Energy Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is a structure in which building owners take on debt for energy efficiency or renewable energy improvements that is repaid through an assessment on their property tax bill. The stability of the property tax bill allows building owners to make long-term investments in their buildings … Continued

Green Bonds Primer

Bonds are the largest source of capital in the global market. Bond labeling has been a popular tool since bonds were created. Labeled bonds have been used to fund the railroad, aircraft, highway, and war industries. Many of the financiers and investors who offer bonds are interested in the environmental impact of the projects they … Continued

Energy Performance Contracts Primer

Energy Performance Contract EPCs are one of the most successful and long-standing financing mechanisms specifically for energy efficiency. Although most EPCs to date have been used to fund government efficiency projects, they have also worked effectively for the private sector. EPCs are typically designed so that the value of energy savings is split between the … Continued

Energy Service Agreements Primer

Energy Service Agreement An Energy Service Agreement (ESA) is a pay-for-performance, off-balance sheet financing solution that allows customers to implement energy efficiency projects with zero upfront capital expenditure. Through the ESA, the ESA provider pays for all project development and construction costs. Once a project is operational, the customer makes service charge payments for actual … Continued

Retail Green Lease Primer

The Retail Green Lease Primer is a two-page document that helps guide retailers and retail owners to improving the efficiency of their facilities. The goal of the document is to educate real estate and leasing agents on the specific retail lease provisions necessary for achieving reductions in energy, waste, and water use—and cost. When it comes to … Continued