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High-Performance Buildings and Property Value

High-performance commercial buildings (often described as "green") are becoming increasingly common in the marketplace. Recognizing this market growth, this guide aims to help lenders understand the valuation of high-performance buildings. As a companion piece to the 2013 primer Green Building and Property Value, this report examines the relationship between lenders and appraisers and how green features … Continued

Green Building and Property Value

So, you are thinking about retrofitting an existing building or building a new one with green, high performance, and energy-efficient features. What is the best way for you to position your building from a valuation standpoint? Because these buildings are different, owners have had to change not only how they design, build, and market, but also how they approach financing and … Continued

Recognition of Energy Costs and Energy Performance in Real Property Valuation

In most buildings, energy consumption has significant influence on financial performance. Energy-efficient buildings can create significantly greater net income for owners than otherwise similar buildings that are not so efficient. However, energy efficiency is invisible, and therefore hard for real-estate stakeholders to track—and easy to overlook. Now that wide segments of the market are demanding … Continued