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Measuring the Potential Impact of Green Leases in the U.S. Office Sector

This IMT report, through an analysis of current energy efficiency measures facilitated by the signing of green (or energy-aligned) leases, estimates that green leases have the potential to help reduce energy consumption in U.S. office buildings by as much as 22 percent, yielding reductions in utility expenditures in commercial buildings up to $0.51 per square … Continued

Case Study: Jamestown, LP Builds the Case for Green Leases

Jamestown, L.P. is one of 14 companies to earn the inaugural Green Lease Leaders designation, created by IMT and the U.S.Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Alliance. A national, vertically-integrated real estate management company, Jamestown owns over $7 billion in assets. So when it decided to develop a green leasing program to achieve its sustainability goals, the Atlanta-based firm … Continued