We believe better buildings improve lives

by reducing pollution, protecting health, creating wealth and economic opportunity, and enabling resilient communities. IMT transforms today’s market realities into the building blocks of an inclusive, low-carbon future for the places where we all live, play, work, and learn.

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Our Programs

We create and implement next-generation building performance policies to decarbonize buildings and ensure equitable benefits at scale.

We create business practices that help real estate work in partnership with stakeholders to produce higher-performing, more-efficient buildings.

We connect community, government, real estate, and utility decision makers to improve service delivery and increase building performance investments.

We advocate for policymaking that prioritizes community accessibility and engagement.

We advocate for better building codes through code design, development, training, research, outreach, and advocacy.

A groundbreaking initiative to transform how communities and local governments work together to create building performance policies that contribute to a Just Transition.

Why Work with IMT?

Buildings are the single largest energy user in the United States and are responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions. IMT is a trusted strategic and technical partner in designing and implementing public policy and business practices that enable rapid decarbonization throughout a building’s lifecycle. 

Businesses and policymakers need effective, proven strategies for improving building performance. Communities need these decisions to also address local priorities and needs. IMT’s 25 years of experience across the public and private sectors help partners make more informed decisions about building design, construction, ownership, and operations to support better health, increased property values and affordability, lower utility costs, and more future-oriented local jobs.

IMT helps partners create policies and practices that reflect community priorities and set up communities for successful implementation. Our comprehensive approach helps stakeholders to create and deploy building-focused policies, programs, and practices that simultaneously address affordability, climate action, equity, and economic improvement goals.

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